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Creating and Sharing Collections

It may help to open a separate browser to access your GS account while following the help document. To do that, right mouse click on the “Collections” tab and select “open in new browser” or “open in new tab.”

Collections of work can be shared between the creator of the collection (artist or gallery) with a “connected” recipient.

If you are an artist and have been invited (and have accepted) a connection request from a gallery, you can share collections of your work with that gallery. The gallery, once it has received your collection, can choose to copy any of your shared work into it’s artwork library. All images and data tied to artwork inventory items will be copied into the gallery’s account.

The process is simple, and this help document presumes this is your first time creating a collection, and adding work to it.

Creating and Adding Artwork to a Collection

Step 1: Login

Log in to GallerySprout (if you are reading this, you are already logged in).

Step 2: Create Collection

Click on the “Collections” tab (A). Click “Create Collection” and name the collection (ie, “New Work for ABC Gallery”) (B).

When the page refreshes, you will be in that new, empty collection. If you have not yet added work to your GallerySprout artwork library (within the “Artwork” tab), click “Add New Artwork” (C)






Step 3: Fill Collection with Artwork

You will automatically be taken to the Artwork tab. Notice that beneath the add files button your newly created collection is visible, with a check selected. Adding work from your  computer or disk will automatically place it both in your master artwork library, and in your new collection. Click “Add Files.” (A).

You will be prompted to find the location on your computer where that work resides. Select the work you wish to upload. Click “Start Upload.” (B)

This loads the work into GallerySprout, and provides the ability to give each file a title (C) before completing the upload. Once titles are completed, select “Submit Artwork.’ (C)

Now that your work is in your collection, you need to edit each artwork to provide basic information (dimensions, medium, price, etc). Select the “Artwork” tab to access your work. Hovering over an image thumbnail will reveal an edit pencil (D). Click the pencil to access information about that work.

Once information is added (E), click “Apply” button to Save Changes (F). And that’s it.











Congratulations! You have just created a collection, and filled it with the work you wish to share.

If you’d like to replace the default GallerySprout logo as the Collection cover image, just edit the collection and hover over the images within the collection. Click the yellow star to select that image as your visual identifier for that collection.


Sharing a Collection with a Gallery

Let’s share your new collection with the the gallery with whom you have a connection in GallerySprout…

Step 1: Select Collection to Share

Click on the “Collections” tab. You will see your new collection. Hover over the collection and option buttons appear. Click “Share.”


In the field below “Who would you like to share this collection with?” begin typing the name of the gallery you are connected to (A). If they are in the system, their name will appear. When it does, select it, and that gallery will be designated on the right. (B)





If you wish to include a message, you can enter that in the provided field. Once you’ve selected your recipient gallery, click “Share Collection.” (C)



Your recipient gallery will receive an email, as well as a notification on their GallerySprout dashboard, notifying them you have shared a collection with them.


If you have any questions not answered by this help document, please either comment with the provided comments feature on this document, or email


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