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Cultivate Customers with GallerySprout

Your gallery has customers you”re not even aware of yet. Site data compiled by GallerySprout on search terms related to art show that would-be collectors are browsing the web for original art. Whether those buyers would buy a work online is unknown, but they are looking. Based on Google Anayltics data compiled recently on search terms such as “landscape painting” “New England artists” “Vermont Barn Paintings”, an astonishing number of unique searches were conducted over the past three months. In fact, based on online casino australia a three-month time span, over 900 searches were initiated within the New England states for search terms related to fine art. GallerySprout”s “favorites” feature allows visitors to GallerySprout artist and gallery works connects those would-be buyers, to the artwork they”re searching for, which then leads them to the gallery that contains that work, and the artist who created it. Each GallerySprout artwork entry allows unlimited addition of key words which, as part of the GallerySprout seo efforts, makes finding your art easier, and turning searchers into customers.

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  1. Laurentiu Todie | February 3, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    There are plenty of online sales, some reported and some not.
    20×200, Fine Art America, SaatchiOnline and many others have made millions of dollars from selling art.

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