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Inventory Reports Improvement

Artists who run reports on their inventory, to review sales, payment status, where work is located, etc., can now add to that list the following reporting results:

• Payment Received Date

This is important for tax purposes, as the date you’re paid (year, specifically) is the year taxes apply for that sale. A work sold in 2012, but commission check does not arrive until 2013, makes 2013 the tax year for that sale. By searching GallerySprout’s inventory by “Payment Date Received” makes it easy to track that information (and during tax season, ease is a good thing.)

• Date Completed

For any artist who likes to know when a piece was completed (if you should be the type to monitor your productivity), the “Date Completed” report lets you track just that…the quantify of work you completed over any period of time.

• Maximum H x W dimensions

Sometimes a gallery or collector requests a preview of work within a certain size. By searching by max width and height, you can generate a report on all work that does not exceed those dimensions.

In addition to these fields, the GS Reporting feature allows you to track and report on:

Work by collection



Location (Gallery, or other)


Status (Sold, available)

If you have an Artist Full account, check out the reporting features, and contact us at with any questions. Or, post a comment to this post.


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