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Why Choose GallerySprout?

GallerySprout is offered to fill the studio and gallery inventory management needs unaddressed by the many artist website and directory services offered online. Features of GallerySprout include:


Affordable Membership to Support Additional Features

Affordable, web-based (access anywhere, on any computer) artwork inventory control. To support future improvements and ongoing maintenance of GallerySprout, a monthly membership fee is requested for premium, full-feature artist and gallery accounts.


Control Over Studio Inventory

Unlimited “collections” allow you to sort your artwork any way you wish, and provide links to those collections. Great for artists showing previews of work to galleries or collectors, or for galleries to show art buyers select work by their rostered artists.


Report on Sales and Gallery Placement Activity

Reporting that provides exportable excel spreadsheets of work location, sales status, payment statuses, and more.


Artist and Gallery Collaboration

Collaboration between artists and galleries. Fine art galleries with premium GallerySprout accounts can invite their artists to join as free GallerySprout users, and can establish a connection that allows artists to share work with the gallery, and the gallery to “accept” that work into their accounts. This collaboration eliminates the redundancy and inefficiency of galleries receiving countless emails, downloading images, and re-uploading artwork and all the data associated with each piece, onto the gallery’s website. And with the GallerySprout web site plugin (coming Spring 2013), galleries can build websites that include all artist-submitted artwork.


Synchronization with Your WordPress Website

An upcoming WordPress plugin will allow artists and galleries with premium GallerySprout accounts to synchronize, in real time, the artwork on their websites with their inventory collections. And if you do not currently have a web site built on WordPress, and would like to, set up your FREE account at On ArtistSprout, your site name will be Our “domain mapping” feature will allow your current domain to be mapped over to your ArtistSprout account, to replace the subdomain.


Customer Management

Whether you’re a gallery or an artist studio, your customer lists are a critical aspect of your business. GallerySprout lets you import a .csv of your customers, and to add them individually through the system, so that you can associate who bought what.

Turn Customers in Collectors

Using GallerySprouts free Collector feature, customers can be invited to join GallerySprout for free, allowing galleries and artists to establish a system connection to a collector. This private, password-protected connection allows artwork collections to be shared privately between artists and collectors and galleries and collectors. Private previews of artwork can be shared with Collectors, even before artwork physically reaches a gallery.


Double Web Presence That Extends Your Visibility

In addition to having a presence on GallerySprout, premium account holders can establish a free WordPress website through GallerySprout’s companion site, ArtistSprout ( With ArtistSprout, artists and galleries can establish a free account to serve as a platform to begin building their own WordPress-powered website. Premium account holders have access to the GallerySprout Inventory Plugin, which allows their inventory to populate their new ArtistSprout website. (note: both ArtistSprout and the GS Plugin, are under development. Users can establish their accounts now if they wish. The features of ArtistSprout are still underway.)


Simple Membership Options

To explore the membership options for GallerySprout, click here: Membership Options